GDPR for small business and community groups with file encryption

What is File Encryption and why do you need it?

The GDPR rules have been difficult for many small business’s, community groups and charities to comply with. A general list of rules for good practice are often drawn up but the storage and transmittal of information is often a glaring compliance issue regarding sensitive information that may intercepted.

File encryption is an important area to consider when sending sensitive information to external and even internal bodies. When information is transferred through a medium such as email, it is important to use a protection method in the event of interception. The issue with many secure email systems is that they are so often expensive and complex. GDP Encrypt is a special software application that transforms (Encrypts and Decrypts) into a legible form. However it can only do this when a specific password is provided. The file is turned into randomised symbols that are unreadable. A password is assigned to an encrypted file at the time of encryption, effectively locking it. GDP Encrypts greatest feature is that it is so easy to use and so cost effective.

Is there an online Tutorial Video?

The GDP Encrypt Application has a short online Tutorial video held on Youtube. This shows a clear step by step example of encrypting a file and sending this through email. The file is then decrypted on the receivers end also.

Select the Youtube link for an short video summary:

How can GDP Encrypt be Downloaded and Purchased?

The GDP Encrypt Application can be downloaded by selecting the download button on the GDP encrypt website. The software retails for €50 which is approximately $60 depending on the currency conversion date. Payment is made using PayPal as a secure method.

To download go to

For more details on professional use of this application you can email:

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