Red Lego Duplo Train 10874

The Lego Duplo Steam Train is an amazing toy for kids that enjoy trains and lego sets that are easy to build. The motorised train is battery powered and features a bluetooth enabled APP which can be used to remote control.
Like most Duplo sets the lego is chunky and the assembly straight forward. The design of the tracks and train itself are durable so they can take rough play that young children give. The APP is the feature that makes the set stand out. The train can be used with out the APP but it would be a shame to miss out on it unless needed. The APP is complatable with most Android phones and tablets.
Install four AAA batteries in the engine to enable the motor and remote control. A Phillips screw driver will also be required.
Conclusion: This is a great set that wont break the bank for Mommy and Daddy
For a Video review on assembly please see the link below: