The best baby room Thermometers WiFi vs standard (BabyTempNet & groEGG)

What is a WiFi thermometer and why would i want one?

Once upon a time before smart phones became so popular, new parents would run in and out of a child’s room checking the temperature of the child and also the room. For the last 30 years, it has been possible to get digital thermometers. The vast majority of these need to be physically viewed but some of the more expensive operated wirelessly.

With sensor technology going mainstream in the modern age, it was only a matter of time before we got remote WiFi thermometers. These devices allow you to check the temperature in virtually any location from a distance, without having to go up and read the mercury yourself. It’s an excellent idea for anyone wanting to monitor conditions in their child’s room. A temperature sensor gives you vital information that a regular monitor doesn’t.

Not surprisingly, several companies are now offering WiFi thermometers. Practically every model comes with a companion app for your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to view temperature and get detailed information on conditions. While you’d think that the temperature sensors themselves would be the most important aspect, they’re only a small part of it. The real value of these thermometers is in their smart apps. The quality of the app with each device is what really sets them apart from each other. Let’s compare what is probably the best WiFi Nursery Thermometer to what is probably one of the best standard room thermometers.


We have put this WiFi thermometer at number 1 due to the balance of quality and price combined when compared to the other options on the market. First off the thermometer is accurate and the application very easy to use.

The best feature is the recording aspect and then the way a graph can be brought up over time. For example, you can view a graph for the last 2 minutes or 2 weeks. It’s completely flexible and very intuitive. The additional feature we liked was that humidity is available also. This for any parent is an important factor as overheating also brings humidity down to a level that dries the throat and this in turn makes it far easier for airborne virus particles to infiltrate.

This product was definitely designed for a non technical person which is often the case with at least one parent or child minder. One thing is also clear here, the product is clearly designed to a high standard. It has an attractive appearance, packaging, website and software with the youtube videos all being so finely polished. 

Select the youtube link for an overview:


The groEgg has established itself among parents as a simple but useful product. It’s a room thermometer although it doubles as a handy nightlight that will tell you at a glance whether you need to put on the heating.

It displays the temperature on the front and also changes colour according to the temperature. Red means the room is a bit too hot, and it fades down from there. When it hits blue, the room is too cold. In terms of being a thermometer that acts simply to tell the temperature when you look at it, it’s probably amongst the best.


When comparing both these products it’s clear that they are both pleasing on the eye, well polished and respectable choices. To put it simply though BabyTempNet is a vastly superior product in terms of what is being offered. In many ways its like comparing a WiFi camera in the nursery vs being in the room non stop. The fact that it records and that you can see the reading from afar just wins it hands down.

BabyTempNet is the more expensive option but not drastically so. For what you are getting you would probably regret missing out on those features once the groEGG was out of your view.

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